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So let me get this right, if a woman releases a song calling men niggas she is in the wrong because most men and male rappers seem to take offense. Male rappers continue to degrade females by calling them hoes and sluts, but if a woman calls a man a nigga she’s considered a bitch. Try actually listening to all the lyrics before you close minded dumb fucks judge her.

“The repetition of the n-word is a play on how male rappers consistently and unapologetically refer to women in derogatory terms in order to prop themselves up. Nicki Minaj is no more offensive, aggressive or politically incorrect then her male competition. That is the point. It is offensive, risky and controversial but underneath she clearly has something to say and she is making sure we hear it.” Posted: Feb 15th @ 03:03
Tags: nicki minaj feminism feminist sexist double standards
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    Not to mention the fact that just the small sampling of Jay-Z and Kanye I own uses the n-word throughout. Double...
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